Monday, July 28, 2008

Done Chapter 5 of my Linux from scratch! :D

Done Chapter 5 of my Linux from scratch! :D

Some philosophical rantings:
The reason I delayed doing Linux from scratch (LFS) for quite a long while is because I don't find it enjoyable to just follow instructions, with no creative inputs from my side.
The LFS book has instructions that an LFS newbie has no option but to follow exactly (it's recommended to use the exact, same versions of the software too!). So I was discouraged and didn't actually dip my feet into LFS for about a year.

Now : I decided it's ok to follow the LFS instructions without creatively putting your own inputs. (only at first - remember, only at first as an LFS newbie.). Why is this ok - a few points:
* Admit it, it's hard to do otherwise as an LFS newbie - a chicken and egg problem. You do LFS to a) have your own customized distro b) to learn about how it all fits together in a linux distro. If you don't know how it all fits together, you cannot modify things and deviate from the LFS book instructions !
* Things like glibc and gcc are really complex and if you mess up some compilation options as a newbie who doesn't know how it all fits together, you'll have to start all over again. You know how long it takes to compile stuff !!
* Once you follow the instructions the first time, you never have to do it again! You get the hang of it and you can truly rest happy.

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