Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nice gEDA tutorials!

I found these and I am going to go through them all !
gschem_warmup gsch2pcb_tutorial
Muahahaha :D

I got the gEDA suite installed at around Aug 21 2007 (file creation dates on the binary) but never got to playing with it because I had other priorities and the gEDA suite is not straightforward and intuitive to use.
(I say it's not intuitive because it's a suite of various software, not a monolithic thing, so. I repeat : There seems to be a negative correlation between powerful software and intuitiveness to beginners. Powerful software/things rarely come without a fairly steep learning curve. Like emacs, blender3d and so on. No gain without pain.)

Now that I also have 3 weeks of holidays left (until Aug 4):

Let my fun begin! :D.

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