Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Styrofoam (thermacole) vermicompost container.

I made a cheapo container (a rectangular box of approximate dimensions 500mm x 300mm x 210mm) out of styrofoam sheets!

Verry fragile but definitely stronger than the worms inside it.

I have some (100?) eisina fetida (red wrigglers? - compost worms) that I got from my grandmother's village (from cowdung manure that was being vermicomposted as a NGO initiative or something like that).
(Heck no I didn't steal the worms meant for a good purpose of educating villagers. I got these handful of worms from a bucket of compost that was meant to be spread around in their home - backyard and they had a much larger stock of worms in their main composter anyway.)

The worms have actually been in a smaller plastic box for a few months. (maybe 2 or 3 months?). I see a lot of worm capsules ('eggs'). Great!

Yes I did hear about possible toxicity of styrofoam bins (by leaching some volatile vapours or something) but I finally went ahead with it due to these reasons:
* We sometimes drink and eat out of styrofoam
* It looks and smells inert to me ;)
* I am going to expand in the near future (a year?) into a bigger box. I will probably be using untreated wood or something then.

This box I made looks real good (aesthetically - not structurally of course) and I may be able to go further in acheiving the goal of vermicomposting everything non-plastic, non-toxic that would otherwise leave the house.

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