Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm reading terence tao's blogs and watched some of his lecture/talk videos from youtube

I came across to Terence Tao's blog from Richard Gardner's pages, through a reference in a paper about Richard Gardner's geometric tomography.

So I was reading up on 'meta information' in Terry's blog, like things about
Enjoying your work
Working hard
Learn the limitations of your tools
Ask yourself dumb questions
Use the wastebasket
Write down what you’ve done
Advice on writing and submitting papers
Continually aim just beyond your current range
Being patient

I want to do this soon:
Making your work available
(so that I am forced to do some work first!! in order to make it available :D
So it's both good for me and good for others too).

I joined GIMPS

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime search!

This is a distributed computing thing that machines all over the world, through the internet, find the next biggest mersenne prime. Now I joined it.

My core 2 duo GNU/gentoo laptop runs GIMPS while I read research papers / browse the web and other such things that keep the machine idle.

My username on it is 'gokul'.

Environmental thoughts??

Hmm... with both the virtual CPUs (core 2 duo remember) on my laptop running two GIMPS worker threads, powertop shows some 30W of power consumption.

My idle laptop consumes around 7 to 12W, with the display on.

I guess around 20W extra to find the next biggest mersenne prime is not that much of an environmental sin? What do you think?

Besides some day I could make it up by buying a 100W solar panel (one of my wishes is to buy one).

Worm bin water logging

My worm bin (vermicomposting) wasn't going on well at all. The kitchen garbage didn't seem to be converted to vermicompost at all.
The number of worms also started decreasing. I knew something was wrong but couldn't put my finger on the cause for a long time (more than a month I think.)

Finally I guessed it : too much undrained water. This is the monsoon, so rains almost every other day. And the worm bin is a plastic tub with poor drainage.
So I siphoned out the stagnant water into another bucket (didn't throw out that black water - it'll make great liquid vermi-fertilizer).

And then covered the top of the tub in a better way such that rain wouldn't collect in it.

So that was on the last weekend, and this weekend (2 days later) I'm going home and checking on it and it will hopefully be working good as before.

Edit : Aug 7 2010 : Yes it seems to be working better now - no more water logging and I saw a nice fat healthy worm and lots of others. Haven't checked the worm population though - but feel it should be getting better.