Thursday, July 15, 2010

I joined GIMPS

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime search!

This is a distributed computing thing that machines all over the world, through the internet, find the next biggest mersenne prime. Now I joined it.

My core 2 duo GNU/gentoo laptop runs GIMPS while I read research papers / browse the web and other such things that keep the machine idle.

My username on it is 'gokul'.

Environmental thoughts??

Hmm... with both the virtual CPUs (core 2 duo remember) on my laptop running two GIMPS worker threads, powertop shows some 30W of power consumption.

My idle laptop consumes around 7 to 12W, with the display on.

I guess around 20W extra to find the next biggest mersenne prime is not that much of an environmental sin? What do you think?

Besides some day I could make it up by buying a 100W solar panel (one of my wishes is to buy one).

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