Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weight machine.... and bicycle weight.

So ... some bicycles are made so light, and every few gram you shave off the weight of the cycle, especially below 13kg or so, it costs so much more.

Is it really worth it?
Depends on whether you're an athlete needing those few seconds of advantage.

It matters on climbs, but not that much. You could carry a 1litre more water (either in you or in a bottle) and you add a kg to the weight. So it really doesn't matter to lighten a cycle in such expensive ways. For people who aren't feeding their families by winning competitions, at least.

Also at higher speeds, aerodynamics matters more. Just google it.


I checked my weight today. Before eating, 60.6 kg. After having noodles and a banana (didn't drink any water yet), I checked the weight again. 61.0 kg. Ah! So the weighing machine really works.

This also shows how small shaving off a few hundred grams from an already light bicycle is.


But too much cycle weight _can_ be a huge problem especially when climbing. I learnt it going to the top of the nandi with my infamously heavy 9 years old hero ranger swing.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Nandi ride : My first longish bicycle ride

I went cycling to nandi (on my 9 years old heavy ranger swing bought in school (8th std))

A distance of 119.5 km (round trip distance) (on my companion's cyclocomputer)

My previous distance was a 40km (round trip distance) more than a year ago. (Trip to visit my friend.)

People from Bangalore Bikers Club (BBC) (100+ people rode) and IISc Bikers Network (IBN) (6 of us came out of around 50 members)

Photos - a few I took

About the ride on
IBN http://groups.google.com/group/iiscbikersnetwork/browse_thread/thread/edbe42e5647f4200
BBC http://groups.google.co.in/group/bangalore-bikers/web/sunday-august-1st-2010-nandi-hills

I am planning to buy a nice cycle now. I am loving cycling.

A very beautiful thing : http://groups.google.co.in/group/bangalore-bikers/browse_thread/thread/47bdc25e7469a11f

Excerpts from the above link:
"Hard exercise makes you brutally honest with yourself, your excuses, your
weaknesses and your shortcomings. There's no room for bullshit when you're
tiring at kilometre 60 and there are still 40 left to go."

"In a car, it's fun to watch the odometer go from 9,999 to 10,000. On a
bicycle, it's like watching a sunrise. "

"People who are killing themselves with chips on the sofa have no business
telling you how dangerous cycling is. "

"Don't listen to haters. People don't like passion about things they don't
have passion for. Find yourself a group of people--in real life or
online--that understands.

It's okay if this group seems like a bunch of fanatics. Passion is
important, and passion for the right things is increasingly rare. We live in
a world full of people who are passionate about cell phones, laptops, cars,
TV shows and IPL. For God's sake give me someone who can talk about pedals
and headsets all day. "

"On a 100km ride, the halfway mark is about 80km. "