Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weight machine.... and bicycle weight.

So ... some bicycles are made so light, and every few gram you shave off the weight of the cycle, especially below 13kg or so, it costs so much more.

Is it really worth it?
Depends on whether you're an athlete needing those few seconds of advantage.

It matters on climbs, but not that much. You could carry a 1litre more water (either in you or in a bottle) and you add a kg to the weight. So it really doesn't matter to lighten a cycle in such expensive ways. For people who aren't feeding their families by winning competitions, at least.

Also at higher speeds, aerodynamics matters more. Just google it.


I checked my weight today. Before eating, 60.6 kg. After having noodles and a banana (didn't drink any water yet), I checked the weight again. 61.0 kg. Ah! So the weighing machine really works.

This also shows how small shaving off a few hundred grams from an already light bicycle is.


But too much cycle weight _can_ be a huge problem especially when climbing. I learnt it going to the top of the nandi with my infamously heavy 9 years old hero ranger swing.

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