Monday, July 4, 2011

I saw some ants waging a war today morning and filmed them on phone Fighting ants! - Shake stabilized

The above video was stablized for 'shake' with a cool l1 optimization algorithm :D

(this is the original shaky video -

L1 optimization is really close to what my research topic is - motion compensation in xay CT imaging. :D


  1. Nikita was so interested in watching this video.. she was constantly telling "achacho achacho" on seeing those ants fighting.. it is really funny to hear her saying achacho (with lots of expressions), cos she is just 16 months and she dont know to talk yet. she wants me to play it for her again as she loves to watch all these tiny creatures and she really wonders at them ;)

  2. How much (as a percentage) is the resulting frame size?